PowerDB Pro is typically provided with relational databases that are designed using the Microsoft Access format. This allows great flexibility when used on laptop PC’s that need to operate in remote, stand-alone situations.

MS Access databases are an industry standard, having been used extensively in applications of all types for many years. PowerDB has used this type of database with great success, and users of PowerDB have utilized the standard database for collecting many years worth of test data and maintenance records.

The Access format does have some limitations, though, which are well known by software and IT personnel. This includes a functional limit in the size that the database can grow to. Access databases can also become corrupted for various reasons and can require TLC in regard to regular maintenance, including table validation and compacting.

PowerDB is also compatible with SQL Server. SQL Server is a relational database type that is a higher-end client/server database. SQL databases are not subject to the same size limitations as Access databases, and can provide greater stability.

Upgrading PowerDB to SQL Server requires a user to already have SQL licenses and software on their network servers. Please contact PowerDB support for more information.