PowerDB Advanced was developed as a mid-level edition of PowerDB software with functionality and features between full PowerDB (now called PowerDB Pro) and PowerDB Lite.  The Advanced edition is a licensed software that will provide enhanced instrument capabilities not currently found in PowerDB Lite and it retains the ease-of-use features that Lite users have become accustomed to.

In PowerDB Advanced, test results for each asset are saved as individual files. Each file may contain any number of result sets taken over time.  This allows all historical results for a specific test on an asset to be saved in a single file.  Saved result files are fully compatible with PowerDB Pro.

Advanced is capable of utilizing all 300+ test forms in the PowerDB forms library.  In addition to automating data collection via instrument control, results can also be entered manually via a keyboard.  All the available Megger instrument interfaces are built-in as are interfaces for instruments made by other manufacturers.  

The primary features of PowerDB Advanced include:

  • Capable of using all 300+ test forms in the  PowerDB forms library. 
  • Capture or importing results from test equipment by Megger and many other manufacturers.
  • Results are saved in individual files for each test form.  Files are fully compatible with the Pro version and can be easily imported.

As a stand-alone product, Advanced is sold by the copy for use on individual PCs.