PowerDB Pro is a licensed software product that includes a relational database with formatted test forms for data entry and reporting.  Over 300 test forms are included in the standard forms library, and the capability to customize existing forms or to create new forms for specific needs is built into the application.   Forms are used for both data entry and reporting.  Data is entered or gathered by remote users in "field" databases and then merged into a central “master” database for access by all users.  A report generator simplifies the process of producing a formal report that includes a cover page and letter, table of contents, and condensed summary sections. 

Data can be imported from various sources, acquired directly from test instruments, or entered manually.  Maintenance reports can be easily generated for scheduling, for highlighting overdue tasks, or for satisfying compliance audits.

Assets are efficiently organized in the database and can be searched for by their location, serial number or asset ID number.  Querying and trending of data over time provides a user with analysis tools to help in evaluating the condition of equipment.

PowerDB Demo for Testing Companies and Contractors:


PowerDB Demo for Utility and Industrial Users: