PowerDB is a very powerful software and database solution.  With a proper training, commitment, and enthusiasm, it can be utilized by companies like ours to bring them to the next level.  I know it will make us more professional and competitive in today's market.

- Neno, IT Manager, Tony Demaria Electric, Inc.

Recently, one of our large global chip manufacturing customers requested a sizeable, last-minute shutdown project. It was a massive undertaking that only an organization with our size and capability could successfully complete. We were able to coordinate the efforts of more than 100 field technicians and engineers on the customer’s site and complete the testing and maintenance in a 48-hour time frame while staying on budget. Thanks to the use of our customized PowerDB data sheets and the data management software, we were able to assemble thousands of data sheets and deliver a complete, consistent report to our customer within just a couple of weeks of the shutdown.

- Emerson Network Power, Electrical Reliability Services, Inc.

How Powell's Customers Benefit from PowerDB:

Productivity:  Time is saved by direct interface with test equipment and recording results to test forms.

Organization:  Storing our customer data by region and individual task number simplifies data entry and retrieval.

Safety: Our job safety analysis forms are now in our PowerDB database, eliminating the need to carry multiple forms for different tasks.

Powell Industries, Inc.

PowerDB was an answer to a growing set of records that occupied a small room of paper files. Back in 2004 when we visited the NETA Conference in San Antonio, we were introduced to this option of electronic records. At the time this database approach sounded good and we started to enter the last 20 years of data in the electronic format provided by PowerDB.

It has been over 8 years now and a SQL conversion of the master helped with the growing size of the database structure. The yearly support that we get in the way of updates, improvements and customer support is essential in this operation.

Overall, this was a good investment into our preventive maintenance program and we are looking forward to future enhancements!

- Emanuel Blagaila, Sacramento Regional County Sanitation District

BP North American Gas (NAG) is using PowerDB as the repository of all electrical equipment/devices testing results.  In the past contract testing companies would issue a PDF version of the testing results without the capability to trend over time.  Since I installed PowerDB on our server, contract testing companies are able to give me the testing results in the native files where I can trend and monitor any abnormal results over time.  Our field technicians are also using the PowerDB for in-house testing results.

- Daniel Adjetey, Electrical Engineering Technical Authority, BP North American Gas