PowerDB has its roots in Optima Systems, a company started in 1994 by Bruce Buxkemper who had previously worked for Megger in Dallas as a software developer. Located in College Station, Texas and with strong connections to Texas A&M University, Optima Systems initially focused on developing automation systems and software for industry. In the late 1990s, the company won a contract from Megger to develop the company’s AVTS software, a powerful yet easy to use package that complements Megger protective relay test sets.

By the turn of the century, Optima Systems was also hard at work on an important project of its own – the development of PowerDB, a new software system that would provide a common user interface and uniform results handling facilities across a wide range of power instruments. This groundbreaking concept generated widespread interest and PowerDB was launched in the USA to considerable acclaim in 2001.

In 2005, Optima Systems was purchased by Megger, an arrangement that has made it possible for the PowerDB system to be sold and supported in markets worldwide, and also provided access to the resources needed for its continuing development. Following its purchase by Megger, Optima Systems became PowerDB Inc., a Megger subsidiary.

From its early days as a one-man operation, PowerDB has now grown to employ a number of fulltime and part-time programmers. Its primary focus is on the PowerDB system, which is now available in a range of implementations including an on-board version designed for total integration with instruments. The company continues, however, to develop other innovative hardware and software solutions for industry.

PowerDB is software used for the collection and reporting of data from maintenance and inspection activities performed on equipment used in the generation, transmission, and distribution of electric power.  The software includes interfaces for many common test instruments and allows for automated testing and data acquisition, as well as imports from various file formats.  Result and summary reports can be easily generated. Three editions of PowerDB are available for PC use:

·     PowerDB Pro
·     PowerDB Advanced
·     PowerDB Lite

PowerDB provides a simple and consistent user interface to many Megger instruments including the DELTA Series Power Factor Test Sets, 3-Phase TTR units, earth testers,  5 and 10kV insulation testers, and many more.

A fourth edition, PowerDB Onboard, is software embedded directly in the controllers of several select instruments.  Results are stored in the instrument memory and are fully compatible with the PC versions of the software. 


The following are the current job openings we have at PowerDB: